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Cost Efficient Packaging

Prioritize the planet without overspending. Our competitively priced Eco Mailers offer an economical yet earth sensitive choice for your shipping needs.

Impress your Customers

Our Eco Mailers enable your brand to resonate with environmentally aware customers, enhancing your reputation as an ethical and responsible business that prioritizes sustainable choices.

Positive Impact on the Circular Economy

After use, our eco mailers can be easily composted at home or an industrial compost facility, returning valuable nutrients to the soil and reducing waste.

Perfect for everyday shipping. Use cases: Clothing, Books, Gifts and Prizes, Business Products, Packaged Coffee, Crafts & Homegoods
Tested to compost. Certified under EN 13432 & ASTM D6400. Tested to break down in garden compost. Tested to breakdown in industrial facilities. Raw materials are compostable BPI certified.


Save up to 35% on packaging costs

Compared to other sustainable competitors. Our service is continuously optimized for efficiency and we are able to pass on cost savings to our clients.

87% of consumers prefer eco-friendly packaging

Meet customer expectations by using our compostable mailers and enhance brand loyalty. Customers will be coming right back for more.

70% of businesses are transitioning

60-70% of businesses express intent or are in the process of exploring eco-friendly packaging options as part of their sustainability initiatives.