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Custom Kraft Stand-Up Pouch

MOQ: 1,000 units

Lead Time: 8-10 weeks

Level up with Custom Kraft Stand Up Pouches! Biodegradable tested under ASTM D6400 & EN13432 standards for a guilt-free choice. FDA-approved materials ensure safe food contact. These stand up pouches protect your products during transport and storage. Boost shelf appeal and functionality with fully customizable printing. Upgrade your packaging, and expand your brand.

Lock in Freshness, Unlock Sales

Two brown, kraft eco-friendly stand-up pouches with a resealable zipper closure on a transparent background. The biodegradable and FDA-certified pouch is made from kraft paper and is ideal for sustainable packaging. The pouch is part of the "ELLSPO ECO" brand.

Premium Printing

Design memorable pouches that match your brand with our high-quality printing technology.

FDA Approved

Guarantee the safety of your products with certified and tested food-grade materials.

Two brown, kraft eco-friendly stand-up pouches with a resealable zipper closure on a transparent background. The biodegradable and FDA-certified pouch is made from kraft paper and is ideal for sustainable packaging. The pouch is part of the "ELLSPO ECO" brand.

Stand-Up Functionality

Showcase your products on shelves and create a head-turning retail experience for your customers.

Leak-Proof Design

Offer mess-free convenience and reliable product protection with our leak-proof construction.



Materials: Kraft + PLA
Closure: Self-seal adhesive strip
Ink Type: Water-based inks
Shelf Life: 3 years
DIN CERTCO Industrial Compost Certification under ASTM D6400 & EN 13432 standards
FDA Food Safe Certificate
Industrial Compost Timeline: Breakdown within 180 days


Additional information


Customizable: Any size or choose from
common sizes

Base color

White or Kraft

Print Area

Front, back side, & bottom gusset


Ziplock or Heat sealing

Hang Hole

Plane Hole, Circle Hole, or None


100-180 microns

Frequently asked questions

  • What closure options do Kraft stand-up pouches have?
    Kraft stand-up pouches can come with two main closure options:
    • Heat Sealing: This closure method uses a heat sealer to create a tamper-evident and airtight seal at the top of the pouch. Ideal for long-term storage or products sensitive to oxygen exposure.
    • Ziplock Closure: This resealable closure allows for easy opening and closing of the pouch. Perfect for products that will be consumed multiple times or require easy access.
  • How do I know what thickness to choose for my Kraft Stand-Up Pouches?

    Choosing the right thickness for your Kraft stand-up pouches depends on the weight and type of product you'll be using them for. Here's a breakdown to help you decide:

    • Lighter Products (100-120 microns): Ideal for lightweight products like coffee beans, snacks, tea leaves, or powders. This thickness offers a good balance between flexibility and protection.
    • Medium-Weight Products (120-150 microns): Suitable for products with some weight or require more structure, like granola bars, dried fruits, or small candies. This thickness provides additional support and better puncture resistance.
    • Heavier Products (150-180 microns): Best for heavier or bulkier items like pet food, bath salts, or larger candy bags. This thickness offers maximum durability and can withstand significant weight and potential bumps during handling.

    Here are some additional factors to consider:

    • Shelf Life: If your product requires extended shelf life due to oxygen or moisture sensitivity, opting for a thicker pouch (150-180 microns) might be beneficial.
    • Stackability: For products that will be stacked on shelves, a thicker pouch (150-180 microns) can provide added stability and prevent crushing.
    • Desired Feel: If you prefer a more rigid pouch for a premium look, consider a thicker option (150-180 microns).
    • Lower Shipping Costs: Thinner pouches (100-120 microns) can sometimes be a more cost-effective option for lighter products due to their reduced weight and potential for smaller shipping boxes. However, always prioritize product protection over minimal cost savings.

    For specific recommendations or if you're unsure which thickness is best for your product, feel free to contact us! We're happy to assist you in choosing the perfect pouch for your needs.

  • Do your stand-up pouches come with hang holes?

    Yes, we can offer hang holes for our stand-up pouch sizes to enhance shelf display options! We have two hanging options:

    • Plane Hole: W 32 * H 9 mm- ideal for standard hang hooks and pegs.
    • Circle Hole: 8 mm diameter - suitable for single-prong display hooks.
  • Can I customize the printing on all surfaces of the pouch?
    Absolutely! We offer full customization for printing on the front, back, and even the bottom panel. This is a great space for non-critical information like barcodes. However, it's important to note that the bottom section has a fold line in the center that may cause slight distortion to text or barcodes placed directly on it. We recommend keeping important information away from the fold for optimal readability.
  • Are Kraft stand-up pouches good for food products?
    Yes! Our custom kraft stand-up pouches are made from FDA certified food-safe materials for extended shelf life and protection against moisture, oxygen, and light. Our pouches are designed to be puncture-resistant, keeping your products protected in transit and on display.

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